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City Safety Features

Example Scenario

Let's look more closely at an example use case. Detect, Validate & Evaluate, and Respond happen in near real-time while review and report happens post-incident. Detect: More than one data source (LPR or FR camera, microblog post, report from a citizen app) can detect suspicious activity. Validate: Additional data sources, microblog post or report from a citizen app, can also be used to validate in addition to the operator looking at the live feed.

Value of our Connected Solutions to City Safety

The Internet of Everything is the next step in the evolution of the Internet that connects people, process, data and things, to better protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest. Here the value of IoE on City Safety: New things are connected such as IP Cameras, vehicle sensors, face sensors, etc. From these things, new data flows including video, analytics, social media All of this combines to help improve the process alerting officials to crime trends, ensuring they have real-time awareness which then impacts budgets This helps people such as city planners, citizens and law enforcement to make better decisions The overall value results in less crime, sharing of city data, increased economic growth and improved operational efficiencies.

City Safety Components

A Full Suite of Professional Services

Supporting the AGT and Cisco portfolio of joint smart city solutions is a full suite of professional services that provides a single focal point, reducing project risk. These services range from consulting to the concept-of-operations and design services to integration & implementation services to training and coaching to support and maintenance of deployments.

Solution Differentiators

The AGT Cisco portfolio of smart city solutions is distinguished from alternatives because of its 1) unique concept-of-operations (CONOPs) service 2) advanced analytics 3) CityMIND user experience and 4) intelligent infrastructure. The CONOPs service looks at customer requirements, technology options and operational procedures to define a customized, optimal combination of these for a specific customer. It also determines things like the best physical sensor placement and configuration. The advanced analytics support a range of sensors, video and data analytics and fuse data from multiple sources to increase situational awareness credibility and reduce false alarms. They use sophisticated machine-learning algorithms in addition to rules-base algorithms to better identify true traffic issues from standard ones, for example, a typical end-of-the-day traffic jam versus a back-up from an accident. CityMIND's user experience is another differentiator. It provides a comprehensive situational awareness through layered visualization, embedded, recommended procedures that enable operators to perform quickly and consistently when incidents arise. CityMIND also provides common interface for multiple applications including video management, video and data analytics, situational awareness visualization (layered GIS map) and reporting tools, making it easy to switch between them. The intelligent end-to-end Cisco infrastructure enables multiple applications, is ruggedized for outdoor environments, scales to millions of IoT sensors and provides management tools for large-scale, citywide deployments.